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Hydraulic shearing machine

QC12K Nc tilting plate shears

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  可选配数控系统:南京埃斯顿 E21S、E200S;荷兰DELEM DA310;德国ELGO P40;意大利HT071

  Optional Controllers:China ESTUN E21S、E200S;Holland DELEM DAC310;German ELGO P40;Italy HT071



  主机装 配剪板机专用数控系统;
The machine is fitted with CNC controller special for shearing machines.
The position of rear stopper is displayed in real-time manner.
多步编程功能,后挡料 自动运行连续定位,实现后 挡料位置的自动调节;
Multi-step programming function is available and the rear stopper is able for automatic oepration and continuous positioning, to achieve an automatic adjustment for position of rear stopper.
It is provided with counting function for shearing, to display the shearing numbers in a real-time manner,able for power-failure memory of position of rear stopper, procedures, and parameters.
Backgauge with precision ball screw and linear guide, to ensure the positioning precision, so that bring the higher precision processing.             


  QC12Y&QC12K系列配置说明(Equipments for QC12Y&QC12K)

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