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The Japanese machine tool manufacturers to improve production efficiency

Date:2015-9-7 Views:1542

Because of the euro, the European machine tool manufacturers use this time to intensify the order in the international market, has certain influence on the Japanese machine tool industry, Europe and Japan competition intensified. The Japanese machine tool manufacturers contend for European companies, stepped up efforts to update production equipment, increase production workshop, in order to improve the efficiency of production, enhance the international competitiveness. 

It is reported, Japan's leading machine tool manufacturers in precision machine tool co., LTD., tianjin plan in February to invest 1 billion yen for updating based production equipment, production capacity will increase 2 times, at the same time the niigata factory area from the current 6400 square meters, doubled improve the efficiency of machine tool assembly. OKUMA, plans to invest 7 billion yen, in aichi prefecture, factory set up a new brand new equipment, new workshop to further improve the production efficiency. , pure mechanism has invested 8 billion yen in oita, machine tool parts processing and assembly plant, February is running, is expected to increase capacity of 2. 

In 2011, according to the Japanese machine tool industry orders totaling 1.3261 trillion yen, up 35.5% from a year earlier, which is as high as 68.2%, the proportion of overseas orders totaling 904.5 billion yen, up 34.8% from a year earlier. Combined, orders from Asia accounted for 56% of overseas orders, as Japan's biggest overseas markets in China, order amount reached 327.8 billion yen, up 29.6%; Followed by the India, Thailand, etc. 


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